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This is the official PyTorch implementation of the Attribute2Font: Creating Fonts You Want From Attributes.


Paper: arXiv | Research Gate
Supplementary Material: link
Video: link
Code: GitHub


Font design is now still considered as an exclusive privilege of professional designers, whose creativity is not possessed by existing software systems. Nevertheless, we also notice that most commercial font products are in fact manually designed by following specific requirements on some attributes of glyphs, such as italic, serif, cursive, width, angularity, etc. Inspired by this fact, we propose a novel model, Attribute2Font, to automatically create fonts by synthesizing visually pleasing glyph images according to user-specified attributes and their corresponding values. To the best of our knowledge, our model is the first one in the literature which is capable of generating glyph images in new font styles, instead of retrieving existing fonts, according to given values of specified font attributes. Specifically, Attribute2Font is trained to perform font style transfer between any two fonts conditioned on their attribute values. After training, our model can generate glyph images in accordance with an arbitrary set of font attribute values. Furthermore, a novel unit named Attribute Attention Module is designed to make those generated glyph images better embody the prominent font attributes. Considering that the annotations of font attribute values are extremely expensive to obtain, a semi-supervised learning scheme is also introduced to exploit a large number of unlabeled fonts. Experimental results demonstrate that our model achieves impressive performance on many tasks, such as creating glyph images in new font styles, editing existing fonts, interpolation among different fonts, etc.

Model Architecture





Get Started


  1. Install PyTorch, torchvison and dependencies from
  2. Clone this repo:
    git clone
    cd Attr2Font
  3. Download the official pre-trained vgg19 model: vgg19-dcbb9e9d.pth, and put it under this project root folder


Download the dataset from PKU Disk, Google Drive and put it into the data/:


| This dataset is constructed by O’Donovan et al. Exploratory Font Selection Using Crowdsourced Attributes. TOG 2014

Model Training

python --phase train

Model Testing

python --phase test

Model Interpolation

python --phase test_interp --test_epoch EPOCH


If you use this code or find our work is helpful, please consider citing our work:

  author = {Yizhi Wang*, Yue Gao*, Zhouhui Lian},
  title = {Attribute2Font: Creating Fonts You Want From Attributes},
  journal = {ACM Trans. Graph.},
  year = {2020}

| * Denotes equal contribution

The code and dataset are only allowed for PERSONAL and ACADEMIC usage.